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Thor's 'hammer' is legendary

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Created on 2011-05-19 17:41:48 (#891389), last updated 2016-03-05 (84 weeks ago)

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Name:Thor's Hammer of Fun!
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Norse Gods Kinkmeme on DW
Thor's Hammer is the DW kinkmeme for Thor – inspired by the movie but we'll cover any Norse mythology, in any interpretation here. This means you can meme for anything from classic Norse mythology, to the marvel comicsverse, to the recent movie, as Thor is introduced to the Avengers, movie style, you can request for that too. Kinkmemes, if you need a refresher, are anonymous communities dedicated to requesting and fulfilling story prompts. The stories are generally very short and intended to fit within comment boxes.

The kink_bingo wiki has a great list of kink options for your kinky pleasure and the meme accepts non-sex oriented kinks as well (hurt comfort, wing fic, etc).

The kinkmeme is for funtimes, not for drama. So, if you bring drama, you'll be invited to the door. The meme is anonymous, but if drama occurs, IP will be turned on to catch obnoxious members and kick them out. Things I especially don't want to see in the kinkmeme:

  • Complaints about other people's kinks. I don't care if it's an ageplay, diaper fic with lactation and mpreg or a request for Loki/Sleipnir non-con fic or a Thor/Darcy 'goin' to the chapel' wedding art request.

  • Whining about how Thor/Odin/Loki/Sif/Jane/Darcy is 'too manly' or 'too womanly' to be queer/straight/trans/bi/submissive/crossdressing or etc. If it's not to your taste, don’t read it. Do not ridicule anyone else's kinks or prompts in this comm.

  • Complaints about the inappropriateness of PoC in the comics/movies/mythology. Nordic mythology has an unfortunate association with white supremacists, let's not be a part of that.

  • Mocking other people's writing, art, requests etc. A kinkmeme always has a wide range of talents and skill levels and it's not exactly designed to be high literature. Be a grammar nazi or art snob on your own journal.

  • Mocking other people in general. Yeah, don't be an asshole, basically.

*Freedom of Speech; the fandom version. Yes, you may live in a country with free speech protections but this isn't that country, this is a privately run community and not your local government or public sidewalk. You can say whatever you want and you can also face the consequences of saying what you want. Also, it's not a democracy.

Requesting fanwork
Almost anything goes in Thor's Hammer (he's a guy of large and varied appetites); sexual kinks, non-sexual kinks, art and fic are all welcome. The exceptions are explicit sexual, or extremely violent works involving children under the age of 18. Sure, in ancient times girls got married when they were nine but I don't want to go there in this comm, I also don't want loving, detailed descriptions of children being torn limb from limb.

The Buffer Method
The Buffer Method ensures that reading lists don’t open directly onto a piece of porn. It's easy to do. When you are posting your request to the meme you first comment directly on the master post with a non-porny/NSFW intro to your request, then you reply to that comment and provide all the juicy details of your request. The most common format is:

- Thor/Jane
-- pubic sex where Thor has to prove to the other Norse gods that Jane is a worthy wife with sex. Lots of sex.

It's polite to thank whoever responds to your request and it's rude to demand they reveal their online identities because you love their work so much and want to be their new friend forever. If someone fulfills one of your requests that you think violates the rules (not bothers you personally), please PM or mail the mod with a link.

Posting Fills
For Thor's Hammer, stories can be posted in the meme if they are four comment boxes or less in length. If your BDSM AU epic is huge, please post a link to your own journal in response to the request (we encourage that!). If you are creating a piece of art, please post only the link in the meme – this way lists aren't bombarded with accidental genitalia.

Multiple fills can be done for the same prompt, more fanworks are always better! Spellchecking your work is strongly encouraged, beta as well but neither is required. Incomprehensible fills though, are unlikely to get much in the way of feedback since many people aren't willing to wade through constant misspelling and poor formatting.

If your story is multiple comment boxes in length, post each new section as a reply to the previous one. That makes it easier to follow. Try to add 1 of 3 or whatever to the subject line so people know it's multipart and how long.
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